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Through nearly 20 years of steady development, has its own elite R & D team, r & D products cover molecular biology, cell biology, proteomics, immunology, microbiology and other fields.

  • Education Research
  • Life Sciences
  • Analytical Science
  • Chemical Industry
  • Environmental Sciences

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Independent research and development, the products mainly include consumables, reagents and small equipment three categories.For domestic institutions of higher learning, research institutions and related enterprises and institutions to provide supporting products.

34 Affiliated Agency
440 Corporate Employee
300 Distribute Brand
20000 Customer Number

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Focus on the continuous improvement and innovation of biological products.Product coverage wide, reliable quality.We have developed a variety of reagents and kits covering molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biomedicine and other fields.

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Labgic is deeply engaged in the field of biological scientific research, relying on a strong warehouse logistics management system, providing supply chain solutions for customers of different types of dealers.

  • Address: Room 206, Building 1, No.9 Yumin Street, Zone B, Konggang Industrial Park, Shunyi District, Beijing
  • Phone: 400-600-4213
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